Swarovski Carousel

Wattens, Austria, July 5, 2019 – Swarovski has collaborated with award-winning artist-designer Jaime Hayon to create Carousel, a magnificent interactive installation adorned with 15 million Swarovski crystals.

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has designed a striking black-and-white carousel to juxtapose with the lush greenery of the Garden within Kristallwelten. The contemporary design reimagines the traditional carousel while retaining its nostalgic appeal.

The monochrome design shimmers with 15 million Swarovski crystals across 12 ceiling panels and 16 wall panels and is illuminated with warm lighting to create a dreamlike atmosphere. Hayon was inspired by folklore and fairy tales to create the fantasy characters for the seats. Whimsical faces decorate the roof and the surrounding fence, expressing the joy, surprise and delight that riding a carousel brings.

Standing 6.5 meters high and spanning 12.5 meters, the carousel can accommodate 28 passengers of all ages and includes spaces designated for wheelchairs. The installation took six months to create.

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Fritz Hansen Gallery Xi’an

Jaime Hayon designs Fritz Hansen’s first store in China, ”Fritz Hansen Gallery Xi’an”

On March 22nd 2019, Fritz Hansen in collaboration with Upper Living opened ”Fritz Hansen Gallery ” in Xi’an. This cathedral-like gallery, with its large archways and grand foyer, mantains a cozy and relamed atmosphere and is the largest Fritz Hansen store in the world.

The gallery is located in Xi’an, the ancient capital city in China and the starting point of the Silk Road. It was designed by artist Jaime Hayon, his southern European roots evident in the store’s sculptural silhouette, warm silhouette, warm expression and rich daring colours. He brought a playful twist to the design to give it a livelier art exhibition feeling, rather than just a standard furniture store. Inside the space, one is reminded that art is no longer a spiritual pursuit but a way to integrate aesthetic thinking into life. The Fritz Hansen Gallery creates an exceptional home-life experience, but also showcases a relaxing atmosphere for social interactions. The opening of the Gallery unlocks a new trend in the lifestyle of the people and unveils what could be a new way of living.

Serious Fun Exhibition

Daelim Museum presents Jaime Hayon: Serious Fun, a solo exhibition of influential creator and visionary, Jaime Hayon, from April 27 to November 17, 2019. Through diverse mediums such as design, furniture, sculpture, sketches, and large-scale installations, the exhibition explores the artist’s unique and intriguing perspective of the world.

Throughout the seven sections in this exhibition, fantasies embedded in ordinary objects are unveiled and the design objects themselves come to life to tell their own interesting stories. With guidance of Green Chicken the exhibition opens to the fantastical and whimsical world of Hayon. In the first space Crystal Candy Set takes the motif of tropical fruits and conveys the journey of crystals in the tropics. These gem-like pieces borrow the forms of everyday objects such as pineapples, pomegranates and golf balls. Through bold and experimental use of luxurious medium of crystal and combining with ceramic, the richness and delicacy of tropical fruits are fully captured. In the second section, Afrikando family’s narratives await to illustrate Hayon’s distinct perspective of transforming ordinary into extraordinary by embracing a contemporary interpretation of folklore and tradition. Afrikando showcases exquisite and colorful glassworks inspired by African decorative arts, while Mon Cirque carries circus motif through a table with various shapes of legs and metallic finish ceramic vases. In the third section, The Tournament tells a compelling story of the Battle of Trafalgar. Tiled entirely with a black and white chess board, the life-size installation unfolds the historic event in a form of chess game. Conveying English tradition and its history in an installation, Hayon presents carefree spirit uninhibited by subject matter and way of expression. In the fourth section, Mediterranean Digital Baroque paintings feature Hayon’s personal cosmology and embody translation of dreams into reality. The fifth section presents Cabinet of Wonders, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional display of 16th century Europe, showcasing a collection of over 70 design objects in a cabinet. Coated with layers of stories, each object in the cabinet come alive to awake our forgotten sense of imagination and wonder with intriguing tales. The sixth section Furniture Galaxy reveals the narrative of how Hayon’s furniture is created and sends his fundamental design philosophy that “design should provoke emotions and create happiness”. Lastly, Hayon Shadow Theater delivers the magical story in which the fantasies drawn in the sketchbooks are revived as mystical creatures. Surrounded by these creatures filled with life and light, the viewers are invited to take part in the show.

In Jaime Hayon’s world, the objects have souls and forevermore speak to us through their own visual language. Through them, we are reminded of imaginary friends from childhood who once kept our side and spoke to our inner soul. Growing up and being submerged in reality perhaps we have forgotten our soul mates and inevitably neglected their stories. Jaime Hayon: Serious Fun recalls our imaginary friend, who has long waited to be remembered, and rekindles fantasy in our daily lives in bringing happiness and joy.

Daelim Museum
Located in the center of Seoul in Korea, near historic Gyeongbokgung Palace, Daelim Museum began its life as Korea’s first specialist photography museum in 1996. Since then, Daelim Museum has introduced a variety of creative concepts and forms in contemporary photography and design, now established as art forms within our everyday lives. Its innovative exhibitions, accompanied by a range of cultural and educational programs, have touched the lives of countless viewers.

Daelim Museum

April 27–November 17, 2019

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Jaime Hayon comes back to Łódź after his first visit during Łódź Design Festival 2018, when, dazzled by the newly discovered city, he decided to explore its textile traditions. Inspired by Łódź and captivated by the atmosphere of the festival, this one of the most renowned modern designers proposed preparing his new installation right here. During the 13th edition of Łódź Design Festival, the designer, whose works are exhibited in, among others, Groninger Museum, High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Milwaukee Art Museum or Design Museum in London, is going to present for the first time “MASQUEMASK INSTALLATION”.

“The concept of the installation lies in creating a range of masks, faces, inspired by graphics and very personal, tridimensional universe of colours, lines and motives. It is a journey on the surface, which has an effect on the form.” Jaime Hayon

The Spanish artists decided to put all the masks together, close to one another, in one room. This way, within the space of the exhibition, they can look at a visitor from all sides—each with a different, colourful expression: a vivid smile, multicoloured fear, puzzlement. Some people will find (and rightly so) the sources of inspiration from various cultures, and Mesopotamian, Mexican, Roman and Mediterranean influences. The traces of inspiration which make them unique.

“The masks have always represented a very direct connection with the culture, thus expressing the lives of whole civilisations. They were used both in the time of war and peace, daily and on special occasions. This is a very mysterious and fascinating topic”.

With his installation, Hayon wants to pay a special, based on his unique vision, tribute. The way the masks took their form is also very specific. Using the unique experience of the Agnella staff from Białystok, the partner of the exhibition, whose history of working with wool traces back to the mid1970s, Hayon decided to use wool yarn to make his newest objects. The unusual shape of each mask required individual finishing, e.g. manual, very precise cutting. Moreover, the masks have been presented in a colour range unusual in terms of the everyday work of the company—that is why a part of the yarn has been specially coloured for the installation. The representatives of Agnella highlight that, apart from the fact they are a big manufacturer which handles mechanical weaving, the human factor was the most crucial one when creating “MASQUEMASK INSTALLATION”. The preparation of the project included no less than five company designers. As a result, after 80 hours of work, 50 hours of work of finishing room team, 130 km of wool yarn 14 unique and impressive masks were created.


Łódź Design Festival

Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź

18/05/2019 – 18/05/2019

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Backstage Madrid

For the first time in Spain, the Madrid Design Festival presents a retrospective exhibition of Jaime Hayon’s works, curated by Ana Domínguez Siemens, one of the most acclaimed designers of his generation.

“Backstage, Jaime Hayon, from the Imaginary to Real” shows some of the work he has created for Cassina, Parachilna, Magis, BD Barcelona Design, Bosa, Expormim, Vista Alegre, Wittmann, Maruwakaya, Lladró, Ceccotti, Paola C, Fritz Hansen, &tradition and Arflex.

This exhibition reveals the behind the scenes of the work he has created both for art installations and the companies for which he has designed products, since its aim is not to be a mere catalogue of furniture and objects but the trajectory of Hayon’s designs.

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