Crystal Candy Set at Baccarat Salle de Bal

“Reencontres” is a valuable platform where an artist joins one of the worlds most representative and prestigious traditions in cut crystals, Baccarat, to explore their heritage and the future possibilities of this tradition. 

“It was a great honor to be invited to join Baccarat in this venture. My work has always been characterised by a constant concern for preserving and updating traditions. I find that in doing so, clues and keys to our history are found, and that these clues are essential to understanding where the future may lead.” -Jaime Hayon

The Crystal Candy set was presented at the Baccarat Salle de Bal, in Paris, on January 22nd, 2009.


Stage is a window into Jaime Hayon’s world. It evidences the relevance of how experimentation and artistic research have been the platform for the work of this creator. Perhaps a recipe for new creative development in the present, Hayon has found a language that steps aside the dividing borders between art and design. Jaime Hayon´s Stage is a journey of the artist/designers professional path. It wishes to recover the relevance of process by showing a variety of his works. Constant evolution is part of the nature of this exhibit. As new work progresses, it becomes a new stage. Stage was first shown at the Aram Gallery, London, in September 2006. Afterwards, Stage Rotterdam opened its doors at the Vivid Gallery (Rotterdam) from January 14th until March 4 2007.


J´aime, the work of Jaime Hayon for ArtQuitect. Three Spanish companies in Barcelona, ArtQuitect, Bd Barcelona design and Metalarte, all of them leaders in their respective fields bathrooms, furniture and lighting presented for the first time, a joint exhibition of designs by Jaime Hayon at the Milano Furniture Fair 2007.

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