Nuevo Nouveau

How to be a meticulous perfectionist while at the same time ensuring that your artworks preserve the spontaneity with which their first sketches were made: that is the intriguing mystery in the identity of Spanish artist and design Jaime Hayon (Madrid, 1974). His track record is surprising in the coherence with which it has evolved. The foundations of what was going to be his professional practice were laid out from the outset over twenty years ago as something that he established in an intuitive, natural way with not an iota of inflexibility. Looking at the work as a whole, one understands that it is founded on solid principles that are still present today: optimism, humour, sensuous organic forms, an explosive colour palette, profuse use of graphic details, visual lightness, a tendency towards figurative representation, interest in flora and fauna, fantasy, cultural references, an interest in craft processes… This cornucopia of ingredients is there in the form of the seed as of his early creations, and if anything they have reaffirmed themselves while flexibly adapting to each precise situation. 

Nuevo Nouveau is Hayon’s most recent exhibition at MAD Brussels, from September 22, 2023 to January 27, 2024.

Momento for &Tradition

Momento — named after the Spanish word for ‘moment’ is a playful collection of home décor items designed to encourage us to slow down and savour life’s simple pleasures.
“Momento has something to do with love, it has something to do with this idea of giving yourself a little moment to enjoy. These are objects that are already a part of your life – they are objects that you want to have near you,” Hayon elaborates.
“When I thought about the elements in the Momento collection, I thought they should be simple pieces that we could use in any situation that means something to us.”
Offering uncomplicated, everyday objects with practicality, the Momento pieces have been designed to enrich everyday life and rituals. The introduction of this collection includes a jug, a candleholder and two vases – each a thoughtful combination of Hayon’s sculptural language and signature colours.


The T-BONE is one of the most beautiful armchairs I have ever designed. The reason is first and foremost that it has been designed down to
the tiniest detail so that it can be appreciated from any perspective: from the front, from the side or even from the back. It is a sculptural and
iconic piece that exudes lightness and dynamism alike, just through that interaction of details that make it so unique.
Every feature is like a letter forming a language, every element is like a word composing a poem. Each piece is first sculpted with the
extraordinary wood suggested by Ceccotti Collezioni, to interact with all the other elements: the result is a harmonious body built on
sculptural details. The outstanding quality of the wood helps give a unique perception of this armchair. Like a dancer that must move and
dance in the space, also T-BONE has its own formal balance, a grace that can be perceived in the interaction of its elements and in the overall result. It is a piece designed for many different uses: for a hotel, a home, or a boutique. The T-BONE beholds a “talking design” conceived to have the weight of a lasting sign as well as a very personal trait.



As a continuation of the playful Explorer Table series and following its elegant beauty, we are proud to introduce the new Explorer Dining Table, enhancing the sculptural identity of the collection and upgrading its function.

“Now more than ever we spend a lot of time in our homes eating, working and sharing moments. The explorer dining table was born from the idea of inclusion, eliminating the obstacles of the table by getting rid of the side legs, trying to create a spacious and comfortable space but being sculpturally strong at the same time, an iconic piece that can be admired” Jaime Hayon.


Bold, colourful, comfortable and packed with identity and emotion, in Hayon’s very personal style, the new collection together with  ZARA says “dare to play”.

Relaxed fittings for great comfort, everyday apparel for contemporary people that are not afraid to smile with what they wear.

Created by the Spanish artist/designer together with one of the largest international fashion companies in the world, this dreamy streetwear collection is colourful, funky, urban, contemporary and daring. Embracing joyfulness in a comfortable way, the selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear, accessories, pants and outerwear are impossible to forget.

IKERU for Fritz Hansen

Inspired by the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging – known as ikebana or ikeru –to create a set of new, unconventional vases exclusively for Fritz

The designs are transparent and direct in their intention to honour every flower placed within them. The task of flower arranging is slowed down and simplified, for deep appreciation and presence of mind. Nature is at the core of this design.

Metal flutes hold individual flowers for a full appreciation of every flower from stem to crown. Together, the flutes of different heights create a ‘landscape’ from which the flowers rise. Water in the glass trays below keep flowers fresh. With blossoms or with greenery, Ikeru vases are an invitation to appreciate nature or to share the feeling with others.

TOTO by Hayon

“It represents the marriage of supreme technical precision with a smooth, sensual design, introducing the elements that are personal to me, adding in colours and curves but to bring them in such a way that would create a timeless , elegant collection that would look as good in a residential project as it would in a large scale contract one, it’s truly universal and international in outlook and design. A collection that sustains it’s initial appeal over many years is important to me . The empty and full concept adapts to whatever place or materials you choose to set it in or with. The collaboration for me is also important on a broader scale as I have moved towards large scale contract projects it’s essential that I also work with objects that are easier to produce and more accessible in that regard so all the technical challenges are worthwhile for the long term aim of a classic collection.” – JH

Faunacrystopolis Tableware for Baccarat

Jaime Hayon delivers an uninhibited version of the Baccarat crystal, light, playful but always sophisticated, a mixture of poetry, vision and precise work on the material. Mouth blown and hand cut crystal from France.

An epicurean and a lover of life, Hayon has injected his good humour into an extraordinary set of 4 glasses, each beautifully engraved with his original drawings. The designer also reinterprets the iconic Zenith chandelier, pushing Baccarat know-how always further. For the first time, champagne colour flourishes on the twisted chandelier arms and the lampshades are made in pink and champagne crystal.


The new Baile 2020 collection reinterprets some of the best-selling products signed by Jaime Hayon.

In a joyful masquerade ball, the products have fun dressing up with strong signs and bright tones: the gestures of the design and colour express the cheerful and imaginative imagery of the Spanish designer.

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