The T-BONE is one of the most beautiful armchairs I have ever designed. The reason is first and foremost that it has been designed down to
the tiniest detail so that it can be appreciated from any perspective: from the front, from the side or even from the back. It is a sculptural and
iconic piece that exudes lightness and dynamism alike, just through that interaction of details that make it so unique.
Every feature is like a letter forming a language, every element is like a word composing a poem. Each piece is first sculpted with the
extraordinary wood suggested by Ceccotti Collezioni, to interact with all the other elements: the result is a harmonious body built on
sculptural details. The outstanding quality of the wood helps give a unique perception of this armchair. Like a dancer that must move and
dance in the space, also T-BONE has its own formal balance, a grace that can be perceived in the interaction of its elements and in the overall result. It is a piece designed for many different uses: for a hotel, a home, or a boutique. The T-BONE beholds a “talking design” conceived to have the weight of a lasting sign as well as a very personal trait.


Wittmann Hayon Workshop 2019

With Wittmann Hayon Workshop, a new style has been born: eclectic, exciting, Mediterranean-baroque and yet timeless. It was created by the playful collaboration between the hyper-creative Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon, and the Austrian manufacturer Wittmann. The collection embodies zest for life and confidence, just like its Viennese Modernism role models.

And it is an ongoing, living process that gives rise to unique items of furniture for all areas of life. 2018 will put forth yet some more new family members.

STICKS TABLE DESIGN: Jaime Hayon Sticks Table expresses the high esteem that Hayon has for the era of the Wiener Werkstätte’s heyday. Two perfectly rounded pieces, joined by a straight line that, as a geometric element, serves to define the design and its function. A highly robust table, given a sense of transparency by the beautifully crafted delicate bars, arranged in a semi-circle. And as colourful as the day is long. Colour is one of Hayon’s many contributions to the history of design.

HELICE TABLE DESIGN: Jaime Hayon A small table, so typically Hayon that we just had to smile. How nice it is when a designer has such an instantly-recognisable design signature. And even more so when it expresses playfulness, levity and a touch of extravagance. Elements often sorely lacking in our daily lives, but which Helice brings into any home or office environment. Space-saving, yet far from unassuming, this new accompaniment can be placed between two armchairs, to provide interlocutors with individual yet joined surfaces to rest items on. Crowned with a fairytale golden ball it is a real conversation piece, among all its other attributes.

VUELTA FD CHAIR DESIGN: Jaime Hayon Setting design, comfort and independence of form atop four legs to create an upholstered chair that unites function and aesthetics, is the height of artistic design. In Vuelta, Jaime Hayon has created an unmistakable look – brought to life by Wittmann with characteristically uncompromising hand craftsmanship – that leaves nothing to be desired. Curiosity, determination and experience – from designer and manufacturer alike – have now made it possible to transfer all of Vuelta’s popular attributes to the dining room. Featuring typical Vuelta stitching, the upholstered seat has a comfortable pocket-sprung core. The curved shape of the backrest gently tapers forward to form an armrest. Vuelta Dining Chair is supported by graceful tubular legs in a choice of black or – for a particularly refined look – satin matt brass. And as Hayon and Wittmann are both synonymous with versatility, there is of course, another option for linking the base to the floor: in this variant, four feet still provide stability, but come together at a central point to create a swivel chair – a pleasant effect that brings dynamism to laid-back gatherings around the dining table. The metal core of the frame is clad in wood, which – how could it be any different with Hayon? – can be coated in any colour of the rainbow.


Lounge Chair JH97 for Fritz Hansen


“The idea was to create a “typical” Danish lounge chair, expressive and modern. Comfort was a key factor, as was the combination of the best of Danish design tradition and modern technology,” notes Jaime Hayon. Perfectly proportioned with a solid frame available in natural oak, stained oak and black ash – the open, low-slung silhouette has a contemporary feel despite its classic roots. Elegant from every angle, the decorative joints with gently rounded edges are assembled by hand in a nod to Danish heritage designs and craftsmanship tradition. Exaggerated armrests – wide and flat – embrace and support the body, as does the curved backrest, angled in an upright position for comfort when sitting for prolonged periods of time. Enhancing the laid-back feel, generously sized cushions are upholstered with detachable covers in textile or leather, allowing you to easily change the expression. Fitting seamlessly into any setting – from homes to hotels and office headquarters – it lends beauty to every environment thanks to its honest, timeless expression. “The Lounge Chair JH97 is more than just a chair: it’s expressive, light and comfortable, bringing life to a wide range of spaces,” comments Jaime Hayon on the versatile new design.

Explorer tables for BD Barcelona

A series of side tables, Explorer 1, 2 and 3 inspired by the playful and what remind one of jelly-beans, rounded sweets that that children eat in the US. This childlike inspiration has at the same time a very elegant beauty which generally is characterised in my designs. It’s about new shapes, different objects within the market that want to convert into emblematic pieces because these tables are not only functional but sculpturally strong. Painting some of the parts with a gloss finish and others in matte at the same time, reflective top surfaces and the different combinations of colours give an even more richness to the collection which pretends to be blatantly decorative. They are pieces that communicate. There are also mono-colour versions carrying the same sculptural character, exclusively offered through BD.

Elefy chair for &Tradition

Inspired by an elephant, this emblematic chair mirrors its muse’s large physical form. Viewed from behind, it’s easy to spot the swell of those two large ears, emerging in a rounded curve from the solid bulk of the chair’s body.

The similarities don’t end there. The base – available in metal or solid wood echoes the creature’s four sturdy legs, while the shell comes in a range of contemporary colours and with the choice of full upholstery with either fabric or leather.

The impact of this evocative piece extends beyond its physical appearance. While the Elefy’s streamlined shape is distinctly contemporary, the chair was designed with comfort in mind. Instead of angular edges and an aggressive form, its cupping shape cozily envelops the sitter from all sides. Much like the gentle nature of an elephant, the chair was designed to encourage a sense of wellbeing.

“With the Elefy, I enjoyed the creative challenge of crafting an inanimate object in the shape of such a distinct animal,” explains Hayon. “While this piece is unconventional, it also takes comfort very seriously.”


Palette lounge and side tables for &Tradition

Implicit in the idea of lounging is the chance to relax and enjoy the company of others. With the large lounge version of the Palette table.

Elegance is everywhere you look in this compelling collage of materials. Starting with the option of walnut or black ash together with black marble and satin polished brass. The effect is understated yet sophisticated, merging the warmth of wood with the patterned surface of marble in contrast to the silky effect of the satin polished brass.

Plenum for Fritz Hansen

Plenum™ is a high-back sofa system consisting of one-seater, two-seater and three-seater units. It is flexible and offers features such as power plugs, USB ports and mounted or separate tables for a functional but aesthetically pleasing experience in any space, be it for collaboration, concentration or relaxation. Furthermore, Plenum is delivered in a flat box and the entire sofa – including the base – can easily be assembled by two persons.

Plenum is designed to fulfil the needs that arise in the modern workplace. In any open office, airport lounge or hotel lobby, Plenum offers the possibility of a refuge, suitable for concentrating in privacy, working in groups or being social in pairs. Plenum is perfectly suited for contract as it is upholstered inthe strongest polyester and polyurethane foam materials.

Dino armachair for BD Barcelona

“During the last few years, I’ve worked with BD on different seatings developed with plywood boards. They were my first designs for a chair named Showtime (2007) and an armchair called Lounger (2009). After ten years they are still part of the catalogue and being marketed with success. In the collection we now present, I wanted to take advantage of my previous experience with other moulded and upholstered seatings, to develop a new armchair that would be as comfortable as possible within certain dimensions, so that they adapt well to the body and space it’s in, for both the home and contract. It has sculptural forms and a lovely profile, similar to that of a dinosaur, from which the name comes, particularly those that were herbivorous and that were distinguished for their long and stylish long necks. The armchair is also slender from which ever angle you look at it. Another element that characterises it are its light aluminium legs which reminds one of a zeppelin. The mix in the materials is also in the fabric and details like the leather that covers and protects the armrests in the more special versions. Additionally, the quality and durability give personality and have my characteristic stroke that define its subtle line, organic and exceptional, creating a very unique piece. Dino wants to be a representative design by and for the history of BD where it shows the company’s know-how also through the seams.” Jaime Hayon

Wittmann Hayon Workshop new pieces


My private island: a classic free-standing chaise longue is always something of a private retreat, even when it is part of a larger ensemble. Vuelta’s sensual lines have found a logical progression in this chaise longue (W 190cm). The distinctive upholstery of the backrest, that gives Vuelta its unmistakable character, sweeps protectively around the headrest of this day bed, creating an island that can be shared – but need not be.

MD Shelf

An extrovert performer that doesn’t steal the show. With the MD Shelf, you can set beautiful and treasured objects on silky smooth leather shelves – seemingly floating on air thanks to delicate-looking, asymmetrically positioned brackets made from textured powder-coated metal. The tactile experience – leather, cool metal with a textured coating – and the attraction of a broad spectrum of colours stems from the colourful world of the designer. Wittmann has executed the precision handcraftsmanship behind the idea with incomparable finesse.

Wings Bed

Sweet dreams come easily on wings… The side wings of the Wings Bed, which can be tilted, are at the heart of an interplay between intimacy and openness. They cradle the person sleeping like a cocoon, or open up to transform the bedroom into a place where people wish to spend time – and not just at night. Leather covered nightstands and adjustable LED reading spotlights are carried by a slender, textured powder coated frame finished in black.

FRAMES chair and armchair for Expormim

Serendipity was the hand behind the quill. It gathered designer and brand and enlisted both in this venture project involving just one component. Skin and bones, all made of rattan, a radically modern material yet handcrafted according to a long standing tradition.

FRAMES collection was introduced to society on the occasion of the International Furniture Fair of Milan in 2014 and captured from the very beginning the attention of both media and general public. After four years of development work, Expormim increases the collection with a new chair and a new dining armchair, conceptualized for small and coquettish spaces, along with a low armchair. These new pieces will be presented in the next International Furniture Fair of Milan in April 2018. Thanks to its charm – a mélange of rusticity and temperate elegance – and to its plain but sophisticated aesthetics the collection is poised to become a contemporary classic.

Tradition and innovation melt into a new approach making outdoor furniture become a hybrid which penetrates and blends perfectly into indoor spaces. FRAMES writes a new chapter of an old story: that ancient tale of craftsmanship and tradition, but within a new framework which deals with the material from the cheerful and insouciant perspective Hayon embodies so convincingly.

FRAMES Armchair by Jaime Hayon was the winner for Excellent Product Design in the 2016 edition of the prestigious German Design Awards.

FRAMES Armchair manufactured in peeled and tinted natural rattan. Designed by Jaime Hayon.


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