Setago Lamp for &Tradition

Like many of Jaime Hayon’s pieces, the Setago comes with a story. ‘Seta’ – the Spanish word for mushroom – sets the tone for the diminutive, mushroom like proportions of this quirky table lamp. But a further clue to its identity is signified by the suffix ‘go’ because this lamp unburdened by an electrical cord can literally go anywhere. Rather than remain stationary, it was made to be moved around with ease, plucked like foliage from the floor and carried from one room to the next. To recharge, it simply needs to be attached to a USB cable.

“I wanted to create a lamp that prioritised versatility,” says Hayon of his vision.“The Setago’s cord-free feature means it is extremely adaptable, equally suitable indoors as well as outside.”

This careful consideration to detail has been applied to other facets of the Setago. Drawing inspiration from the artistry of a Japanese lantern, Hayon melds superior craftsmanship with the decidedly modern capabilities of his cord-free design. Despite such integration of technology, the workings remain hidden inside to keep the lamp’s form clean and uncluttered. The light it produces is equally considered, the mood is manipulated by a discreet brass dimmer that controls the diffused, ambient light.

Available in a range of modern colours, the Setago adds an understated touch to any environment. Look closer at the lamp shade and you’ll notice it ends in a small upward curve. It’s another small yet stylish accent  much like the Setago itself.

Design year 2019

Lounge Chair JH97 for Fritz Hansen


“The idea was to create a “typical” Danish lounge chair, expressive and modern. Comfort was a key factor, as was the combination of the best of Danish design tradition and modern technology,” notes Jaime Hayon. Perfectly proportioned with a solid frame available in natural oak, stained oak and black ash – the open, low-slung silhouette has a contemporary feel despite its classic roots. Elegant from every angle, the decorative joints with gently rounded edges are assembled by hand in a nod to Danish heritage designs and craftsmanship tradition. Exaggerated armrests – wide and flat – embrace and support the body, as does the curved backrest, angled in an upright position for comfort when sitting for prolonged periods of time. Enhancing the laid-back feel, generously sized cushions are upholstered with detachable covers in textile or leather, allowing you to easily change the expression. Fitting seamlessly into any setting – from homes to hotels and office headquarters – it lends beauty to every environment thanks to its honest, timeless expression. “The Lounge Chair JH97 is more than just a chair: it’s expressive, light and comfortable, bringing life to a wide range of spaces,” comments Jaime Hayon on the versatile new design.

Lightolight & Lightoread for Parachilna


Confused by the naming? You are not alone… Lightolight is a colorful family of wall and floor lamps with a cup facing up and rotating dome, creating indirect light.



This is a skinny yet characteristic family of floor and table fixtures. Composed of a metal structure with a rotating cup. You can choose between metal or marble base.

Happy Yeti vases for BD Barcelona

“Two years ago we presented a charming piece of ceramic which we named Happy Susto, which at the same time was a contradiction because it didn’t frighten. This new versión isn’t either but it has a new touch to it. I always found the Yeti story funny – that snow monster that wants to frighten those that go to the north pole. Converted into a vase, you can put plants in the head so that it looks like it has hair and scares a little more. The little decorations, not only have a decorative purpose, but also can have artistic value and an emotional one where a sense of humour fits in.” Jaime Hayon.

Explorer tables for BD Barcelona

A series of side tables, Explorer 1, 2 and 3 inspired by the playful and what remind one of jelly-beans, rounded sweets that that children eat in the US. This childlike inspiration has at the same time a very elegant beauty which generally is characterised in my designs. It’s about new shapes, different objects within the market that want to convert into emblematic pieces because these tables are not only functional but sculpturally strong. Painting some of the parts with a gloss finish and others in matte at the same time, reflective top surfaces and the different combinations of colours give an even more richness to the collection which pretends to be blatantly decorative. They are pieces that communicate. There are also mono-colour versions carrying the same sculptural character, exclusively offered through BD.

Elefy chair for &Tradition

Inspired by an elephant, this emblematic chair mirrors its muse’s large physical form. Viewed from behind, it’s easy to spot the swell of those two large ears, emerging in a rounded curve from the solid bulk of the chair’s body.

The similarities don’t end there. The base – available in metal or solid wood echoes the creature’s four sturdy legs, while the shell comes in a range of contemporary colours and with the choice of full upholstery with either fabric or leather.

The impact of this evocative piece extends beyond its physical appearance. While the Elefy’s streamlined shape is distinctly contemporary, the chair was designed with comfort in mind. Instead of angular edges and an aggressive form, its cupping shape cozily envelops the sitter from all sides. Much like the gentle nature of an elephant, the chair was designed to encourage a sense of wellbeing.

“With the Elefy, I enjoyed the creative challenge of crafting an inanimate object in the shape of such a distinct animal,” explains Hayon. “While this piece is unconventional, it also takes comfort very seriously.”


The Cosmos of Jaime Hayon

” The Cosmos of Jaime Hayon ” in Harbour City, Hong Kong


The exhibition comprises two parts. The first part is named “Archisculptures”, transforming Ocean Terminal Forecourt into a huge playground of fantasy! Often employing animals as the theme of his creations, Hayon infuses his imagined animal characters into architecture, resulting in three Archisculptures of weird shapes, bright colours, and dazzling patterns – the red Cirquepinodome, the yellow Duckodome, and the green Rabbitdoubledome. More amusingly, the Archisculptures are filled with “playful” elements, with periscopes, monkey seesaw, and slide installed respectively.

The second part of the exhibition “Hayon Cosmos Selection”, is situated in Gallery by the Harbour. All works are specially created for this exhibition, such as the Faunamask series and the Faunavase series, which are sculptures manifested in ceramic and hand-made in Italy through the workshop of Italo Bosa. There is also the Primitif series, which is presented in wood sculpted by craftsmen Remigio Scarpin from Italy and Josep Jofre from Spain. The works are endowed with value for appreciation and collection.

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