Momento for &Tradition

Momento — named after the Spanish word for ‘moment’ is a playful collection of home décor items designed to encourage us to slow down and savour life’s simple pleasures.
“Momento has something to do with love, it has something to do with this idea of giving yourself a little moment to enjoy. These are objects that are already a part of your life – they are objects that you want to have near you,” Hayon elaborates.
“When I thought about the elements in the Momento collection, I thought they should be simple pieces that we could use in any situation that means something to us.”
Offering uncomplicated, everyday objects with practicality, the Momento pieces have been designed to enrich everyday life and rituals. The introduction of this collection includes a jug, a candleholder and two vases – each a thoughtful combination of Hayon’s sculptural language and signature colours.

Faunacrystopolis Tableware for Baccarat

Jaime Hayon delivers an uninhibited version of the Baccarat crystal, light, playful but always sophisticated, a mixture of poetry, vision and precise work on the material. Mouth blown and hand cut crystal from France.

An epicurean and a lover of life, Hayon has injected his good humour into an extraordinary set of 4 glasses, each beautifully engraved with his original drawings. The designer also reinterprets the iconic Zenith chandelier, pushing Baccarat know-how always further. For the first time, champagne colour flourishes on the twisted chandelier arms and the lampshades are made in pink and champagne crystal.

Maison Matisse Limited Collection

One of the things I admire most about Matisse’s work is the use of colour: it is so well-integrated, so special, and applied in a magical way. It reflects the traces of different cultures and the rich and dynamic journey of a unique life, at the same time. His line is a combination of precision and figuration. By studying his paintings, one can find a rich mix of elements, notably his representation of nature combined with imaginative furniture and objects from cultures that are important to him.

Henri Matisse uses solid figures; the colour contrast is magnificent. The most important point that I feel I share with Matisse is a passion for the Mediterranean: nature, the sea, the imagination and the ability to dream. The choice of blues and oranges reminds me of medinas, orange blossoms and markets of North Africa. Codes like these transports me to a Mediterranean loaded with power and magic.

I am a fervent admirer of his style and I have always found a real source of inspiration in it. Having the opportunity to transpose the inspiration I find in his work into my personal universe has been very enriching. The concept behind these vases is based on fantastical elements: forms, silhouettes and natural references that float in a sea of colours.

The shape of the vase itself is inspired by Mediterranean references and the elements that appear in Matisse’s oeuvre. Tradition and audacity come together to create unique and defined exterior lines that confer strength and character to the style and concept of the design.

FUN-TIONAL table Paola C.

FUN-TIONAL is a fantastical collection designed by Hayon, of surreal and imaginative tableware objects brings joy to every table. Each element, designed to support and liven up the table experience, is crafted with sophisticated metalworking. Even the smallest details become grandiose gestures, thanks to Hayon’s unique style which blends quality with functionality, sealed by Paola C.’s care and passion for excellence.

Happy Yeti vases for BD Barcelona

“Two years ago we presented a charming piece of ceramic which we named Happy Susto, which at the same time was a contradiction because it didn’t frighten. This new versión isn’t either but it has a new touch to it. I always found the Yeti story funny – that snow monster that wants to frighten those that go to the north pole. Converted into a vase, you can put plants in the head so that it looks like it has hair and scares a little more. The little decorations, not only have a decorative purpose, but also can have artistic value and an emotional one where a sense of humour fits in.” Jaime Hayon.

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