Nuevo Nouveau

How to be a meticulous perfectionist while at the same time ensuring that your artworks preserve the spontaneity with which their first sketches were made: that is the intriguing mystery in the identity of Spanish artist and design Jaime Hayon (Madrid, 1974). His track record is surprising in the coherence with which it has evolved. The foundations of what was going to be his professional practice were laid out from the outset over twenty years ago as something that he established in an intuitive, natural way with not an iota of inflexibility. Looking at the work as a whole, one understands that it is founded on solid principles that are still present today: optimism, humour, sensuous organic forms, an explosive colour palette, profuse use of graphic details, visual lightness, a tendency towards figurative representation, interest in flora and fauna, fantasy, cultural references, an interest in craft processes… This cornucopia of ingredients is there in the form of the seed as of his early creations, and if anything they have reaffirmed themselves while flexibly adapting to each precise situation. 

Nuevo Nouveau is Hayon’s most recent exhibition at MAD Brussels, from September 22, 2023 to January 27, 2024.

Momento for &Tradition

Momento — named after the Spanish word for ‘moment’ is a playful collection of home décor items designed to encourage us to slow down and savour life’s simple pleasures.
“Momento has something to do with love, it has something to do with this idea of giving yourself a little moment to enjoy. These are objects that are already a part of your life – they are objects that you want to have near you,” Hayon elaborates.
“When I thought about the elements in the Momento collection, I thought they should be simple pieces that we could use in any situation that means something to us.”
Offering uncomplicated, everyday objects with practicality, the Momento pieces have been designed to enrich everyday life and rituals. The introduction of this collection includes a jug, a candleholder and two vases – each a thoughtful combination of Hayon’s sculptural language and signature colours.

London Battersea Art’otel

Standing nearly 10 feet tall at the Art’otel London Battersea Power Station entrance, Jaime Hayon’s The Dreamer welcomes you to a one-of-a-kind hotel experience that fuses art, design, and hospitality.  Step through the doors and immerse yourself in a living work of art. Guests are immediately transported into Hayon’s world of playful surrealism and thoughtful luxury.

Blurring the lines between art, product, and design, from the suites to the spa and public Art Gallery right down to the light fittings, Hayon’s magical touch is everywhere.

Hayon is the hotel’s designer and signature artist and has created a unique identity that will inspire, intrigue and excite guests. A stunning array of paintings, prints, photography, sculptures, and tapestry accentuates his interior design. He was inspired by the power station’s history and heritage to envision the hotel’s future as the center of a new cultural district and neighborhood for London.

“I wanted to create a journey for guests and bring a completely new hotel experience to London, one that blends great comfort with a new vision of contemporary creativity. It’s been a true honor to work on this project,”  Jaime Hayon. “

The main lobby features an enchanting, wall-length cabinet of curiosities – filled with fascinating objects meticulously curated by Hayon from both his own work and other artists, as well as vintage finds from around the world. From eclectic vases and ceramics to unique glass objects, the cabinet represents the cultural diversity of the capital city where art’otel lives and sets a tone of playful surrealism. The surrealist touch is further enhanced by a series of Klunderbie images commissioned by Hayon that make a witty nod throughout to British cultural icons and history.

 ‘Checking in is the most boring experience,’ To me, this is giving a bit of love to the guests arriving at the hotel.’ Jaime Hayon

The tranquil and relaxed lobby area is a soothing haven for guests or locals seeking to escape the bustle of one of the most vibrant cities in the world.  The mirrored check-in desk features Hayon’s signature curves lacquered in light teal.  Elegant brass lifts lead to deep green corridors, guiding guests to bedrooms where Hayon’s contemporary expressionism is fully displayed. The room design concept centers on combining great comfort with fun and boundary-pushing design in bold pastels and deep tones that create a restful environment of playful luxury. Every room features custom art by Hayon on the walls, a sumptuous mix of his furniture designs, and exquisite details that reveal themselves in every corner.

Back downstairs, the hotel’s ground floor restaurant, Tozi Grand Cafe,is a dazzling circular room conceived as a theatrical space that operates as the hotel’s art gallery. A series of beautiful custom-made Hayon tapestries made in the Netherlands from recycled yarn hang in the air to punctuate the space. Looking up, a rich red sculptural piece overhead evokes Alexander Calder with its kinetic energy and vibrant forms.

The theatrical mood carries across the public spaces. Hayon wanted to create a behind-the-scenes atmosphere as if entering the reinterpretation of an exquisite dressing room – sleek, chic, and iconic. That same approach can be seen throughout this sensational new space, a testament to The Dreamer, who stands at the entrance and a destination that will be on the must-visit list for design lovers everywhere.

Casa Clarita

Casa Clarita brings Jaime Hayon’s Unique Style to his home base of Valencia. Valencia has long been the headquarters of the acclaimed Hayon Studio. Now, with the opening of Casa Clarita, Jaime Hayon brings his unique blend of creativity to a new hospitality venture in his hometown. Casa Clarita combines luxury, comfort, and Hayon’s talents to create an exceptional experience that will delight even the most demanding travelers. Located in the historical center of Valencia, the restoration of Casa Clarita is a testament to Hayon’s ability to balance his bold vision with the building’s original charm.

The space features eight apartments and twelve rooms, each unique in design, with exceptional attention to detail and the luxurious contemporary finishes that are the hallmark of a Hayon interior. Custom designs and vintage decorative elements create a magical atmosphere that balances whimsy and elegance. The result is an interior that is full of character and personality. Crisp, contemporary colors, bespoke elements, sculptural forms, and intricate details combine Hayon’s highly expressive style in this dynamic new hotel. Every corner of the space has its own design story, bold blue figures painted on the stairway walls, colorful mosaic floors, the custom headboards above the beds.

In every room, there is something to surprise and delight. Casa Clarita is an architectural gem that originally belonged to a family of glass craftsmen who lived on the upper floors and used the ground floor as a workshop and shop. That spirit of exquisite craftsmanship has been retained and is evident throughout this stunning renovation. Located in the “La Seu”, the city’s oldest quarter, Casa Clarita delivers a sense of home, heritage, and impeccable design in the historic heart of Valencia.

The Forum

The highlight of the newly renovated space of The Hyundai Daegu is ‘The Forum created by artist & designer, Jaime Hayon. It is a 4.565m2 cultural space and cafe that occupies the entire floor at the top of the building.

The Forum consists of the Café Walking Cup, the Colosseum, an indoor plaza to host performances and lectures, and the Gates Garden, an outdoor sculpture park with seven large statues as tall as 9 meters. In addition, The Forum Shop offers diverse design products inspired by design elements of the space, along with an exhibition to share the creative process behind Jaime Hayon’s creative process. Green House offers a space for customers to relax and rest in an indoor greenhouse.

According to Hayon: “The collaboration with The Hyundai Daegu has been very special. It has provided me an opportunity to deliver artistic inspiration and vitality to people. I wanted to give the experience of traveling to a new planet as people move through this space made of different rich areas.”

“I think the heart of The Forum is the Colosseum. It is the center of the space and is designed in an open form so that other spaces can be viewed from inside. I thought of it as space for people to gather at any time for diverse events like performances and lectures.”

“I paid a lot of attention to the overall structure and emphasized originality by adding unique patterns on the floor and walls. I was mainly inspired by ancient Egyptian wall paintings as well as Greek and Roman civilizations. Attention has been paid not only to the patterns but also to the material. I wanted to create a more three-dimensional shape by applying ceramics or crystals so that people could feel as if they were in a different time and space.”

“I also participated in branding design for the cafe. I am a huge coffee lover myself. I always carry a coffee cup with me. So, I came up with the design of the walking cup by imagining a cup that moves with me as if it had legs. I like it very much.”

Jaime Hayon: InfinitaMente

Exhibition showing a selection of this charismatic creators’ most iconic works, both in the fields of artistic pieces and installations as well as industrial products for companies. The show also includes works such as “Masquemask” —an exhibition of 7 large tapestry- masks designed for the LODZ Design Museum—, “Mesamachine” or “Mediterranean Digital Baroque” —one of the designer’s first exhibitions—, as well as large format paintings and sculptures.
Showing a selection of products and furniture produced over the 20 years of Hayon Studio, including unique and limited-edition pieces along with samples of processes and raw materials.
Glass and ceramics, major players in Hayon’s work, are the central focus of two of the rooms, whose core themes will be creativity applied to the material and the search for different expressive tools within each of the disciplines.
The central section is dedicated to the creative process behind pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories of a commercial nature, highlighting the behind the scenes of the creations and revealing freely the references, sources of inspiration and details of both industrial and handcrafted production, which both enrich their story and put the pieces in context. Also on display will be sketchbooks, notebooks and drawings, as well as various objects, samples and prototypes of Hayon’s most personal works.

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Imagine walking into a space that transports you to another reality.

The Hyundai Seoul club YP space is a subtle and playful space, full of light and materiality, mixing high lacquered surfaces with new components, that create a soft feeling, as if walking in the clouds. Combination and discovery guided by a rich composition of tones and elements


Jaime Hayon designed the scenography of Cartier’s Beautes du Monde. In this
succession built around a well of light, colour is omnipresent, the design pure, with rounded arches that break up the space. A singular experience that invites exploration, the discovery of the jewelry collection and the enjoyment of the diversity of beauty.

Built & Maintained by DOMH