Casa Clarita

Casa Clarita brings Jaime Hayon’s Unique Style to his home base of Valencia. Valencia has long been the headquarters of the acclaimed Hayon Studio. Now, with the opening of Casa Clarita, Jaime Hayon brings his unique blend of creativity to a new hospitality venture in his hometown. Casa Clarita combines luxury, comfort, and Hayon’s talents to create an exceptional experience that will delight even the most demanding travelers. Located in the historical center of Valencia, the restoration of Casa Clarita is a testament to Hayon’s ability to balance his bold vision with the building’s original charm.

The space features eight apartments and twelve rooms, each unique in design, with exceptional attention to detail and the luxurious contemporary finishes that are the hallmark of a Hayon interior. Custom designs and vintage decorative elements create a magical atmosphere that balances whimsy and elegance. The result is an interior that is full of character and personality. Crisp, contemporary colors, bespoke elements, sculptural forms, and intricate details combine Hayon’s highly expressive style in this dynamic new hotel. Every corner of the space has its own design story, bold blue figures painted on the stairway walls, colorful mosaic floors, the custom headboards above the beds.

In every room, there is something to surprise and delight. Casa Clarita is an architectural gem that originally belonged to a family of glass craftsmen who lived on the upper floors and used the ground floor as a workshop and shop. That spirit of exquisite craftsmanship has been retained and is evident throughout this stunning renovation. Located in the “La Seu”, the city’s oldest quarter, Casa Clarita delivers a sense of home, heritage, and impeccable design in the historic heart of Valencia.

Built & Maintained by DOMH