Happy Susto Vases for BD Barcelona

Little decorative items have been part of BD’s catalogue since Ettore Sottsass drafted the Shiva vase back in 1973. Little architectural pieces is what the master called them, which have naturally paralleled larger furniture items, but not less important due to their size. Among them is the humble water bottle designed by Josep M. Jujol, the imperfect vases by Xavier Mañosa, or the more iconic Showtime series by Jaime Hayon. An abundance of talent can be found in them, just the same as can be found in the pieces supporting them such as a cabinet. Their purpose is a decorative one, although for us, they carry an emotional and artistic value. They are timeless and with the passing of time we continue to add designs to a collection that continues to grow in importance within the range we have on offer. Several months ago we presented our chandelier REmix collection by Curro Claret, and now we inaugurate a ceramic collection which carries Jaime Hayon’s unmistakable character and humour. It’s called Happy Susto (fright in English) and is made in a couple of sizes, colours and finishes.

Objects for Fritz Hansen

 Objects – complementing your life 

Objects is the name of the new accessories line created by Republic of Fritz Hansen. It consists of twelve beautiful items for your home designed by Danish and international designers, among them the design duo Studio Roso, Wednesday architecture and Jaime Hayon. Objects is a unique collection of design items that reflects our passion for good design with a purpose. Like our furniture, Objects is a statement that can add a touch of Nordic lifestyle and playfulness to your home. Objects will never dominate but simply complement your space.

Genuine Objects 

Objects are made from genuine materials, reflecting Fritz Hansen’s proud heritage of high quality and exquisite craftsmanship. The collection exudes beauty and simplicity in an array of subdued tones such as sand, earth and stone. One look at the collection, and you can’t help but feel captivated by the appealing designs and the natural touch and feel.

Each of the items in the Objects collection has a story of its own. The mirror is not really a mirror. The vase is designed to pay tribute to the whole flower, not just the head. The beautiful Shaker-inspired trays are crafted with exactly the same materials and attention to detail as the Ant chair and the Series 7 chair.

‘Creating Objects, we looked back into our rich heritage, and we also reached out to Danish and international contemporary designers in order to continue our history. This has resulted in a family of items that can make you stop and think – and hopefully capture your fascination. They are all items that will contribute to the ambiance of your home by their mere presence alone. The collection begins with twelve objects but will develop over time, as new items for the home will be added to the accessories line,’ says Christoffer Back, Director, Fritz Hansen Objects.

The elements in the Objects series offer more than an alluring appearance. They have an uncanny way of engaging your senses. Design aficionados will instantly feel drawn to the dynamic lines of the designs combined with the tactile sensations of the authentic materials. For example, when you inhale the soothing scent of cedar wood and touch the surface, the experience will, in turn, touch you.



Following the first solo exhibition, Game On, at Galerie kreo in 2015, ChromaticO by Jaime Hayon, explores precious materials and colours, a joyful celebration of life. A quest for freedom and playfulness. It seems effortless, spontaneous, even easy.

“No one would imagine how much thought is given to each piece, how much dexterity is needed to create them. All the freshness that is present in his drawings, the first step of his creative process, is preserved until the final pieces. How he achieves this is a bit of a mystery. Especially since we learn about his meticulous attention to detail, his endless discussions with the craftsmen, the extensive research for making things in new and unexpected ways, the aim for perfection in execution. His new collection for Galerie kreo is titled “Chromatico” and, as always in his work method, it is based on exploration, this time for both colour and materials, with special attention at the ability of color to transform an object, to become essential for its identity. There are two main subjects in this body of work, each focused on a different noble material.”

“He is interested in the colorful side of Africa, its crafts, its textures… and he adds his personal playful touch to these delicate works. The contrast between the strong power of the African world and the use of glass as a material – a liquid way of working that adds flexibility and freedom – results in a range of pieces full of joy and sophistication. He has used a mix of strong colors like golden reds, greens or oranges with very subdued ones in contrast. The bases instead are made in precious marbles of delightful tones like Rosa Portogallo or Giallo Siena that complete the works and give them physical and emotional stability.”

Villa Le Lac Paulownia for Cassina

Villa “Le Lac”, located on the shores of lake Geneva in Switzerland, is the first example of modern architecture designed by Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret. This concrete house was completed in 1924 and became the home for Le Corbusier’s parents. When the ECAL/University of art and design Lausanne informed Cassina that the historical Paulownia tree planted in 1924 on the garden terrace of Villa “Le Lac” was to be removed due to an incurable illness, the brand immediately got involved and in 2013 assisted with the tree’s felling and subsequent transfer to its carpentry workshop in Meda.

Despite numerous efforts made to plant a descendent from the same Paulownia tree, the fifty cuttings taken from the branches did not survive due to the wet spring of 2013, and the seeds taken from its fruit and planted on several latitudes in Corseaux (Switzerland), Paris, Boulogne-sur-Mer (north of France), Roquebrune Cap Martin (south of France) and Bruxelles (Belgium) did not grow. In November 2013 a new Paulownia tree was planted to continue the legacy of Le Corbusier and his architecture. However in spring 2014, nature took its course and a little branch was discovered to be growing out of the terrace’s wall on the lakeside of the villa, most probably thanks to a seed, Le Corbusier’s spirit, which had been blown by the wind. This Paulownia offspring has now been replanted at the Bourse aux Arbres in the suburbs of Lausanne where it is now more than 50cm high.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the LC Collection (Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand) and commemorate the 50 years since Le Corbusier passed away, Cassina, with the support of the Fondation Le Corbusier, asked the artist and designer Jaime Hayon to honour this great architect by creating a set of accessories in the wood from this same unique Paulownia tree. Today Le Corbusier’s memory continues to live in three decorative objects which will be produced using all healthy parts of the tree, right to the very last piece of wood. These ‘Villa Le Lac Paulownia’ objects have a strong poetic reference to what no longer exists now that the tree has been cut down aswell as a specific functional use: The Bird, The Bird House and The Ledge.

”I was honored to be given the task to create new objects from the Villa “Le Lac” tree to, in turn, honour the great Le Corbusier. I thought about who would most miss the beautiful Paulownia standing on the banks of Lake Geneva. I thought about birds singing amidst the sound of leaves in the wind, a little home for those birds, and kids laughing joyously while swinging from the branches. I let this spirit guide me in creating the three objects which speak the poetic nature of the tree, evoking new life.” Jaime Hayon.



Réaction Poétique for Cassina

Jaime Hayon presents a new collection of objects for Cassina inspired by the organic shapes of Le Corbusier’s architectures and esprit nouveau artwork: four table centrepieces, a tray made up of two coffee bean shapes and two small side tables, all rigorously produced in solid ash-wood stained black with a low-gloss finish. The Réaction Poétique Collection remains true to Cassina’s well-established heritage in working with wood, where skilled handcraftsmanship is combined with industrial innovation. These items are branded with the Cassina logo and accompanied by their own identity card to guarantee the authenticity of each single piece. They are also presented in a special packaging to highlight the inimitable quality of the project. As well as the commemoration of the 50 years since Le Corbusier passed away, this year Cassina celebrates the 50th anniversary of the LC Collection (Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand) with a series of cultural events and product innovation. “I wanted to create useful objects for the modern home such as trays and side tables, but with sculptural elements interplaying forms, light and shadow. It was a very strict, almost religious challenge to use only one material and one finish, exercising my design philosophy. I feel this restriction actually became an opportunity to showcase the beauty of the wood, along with the expert mastery of Cassina’s carpentry workshop.” Jaime Hayon.



New Roman Collection for Paola C.

New Roman, by Jaime Hayon for Paola C, presents a vision of classical tradition advancing into the 21st century. Inspired by the vessels of the Roman Empire, this collection transforms antique references into a celebration of contemporary craft. New Roman plays to the strengths of Paola C, by coming to life through a multitude of noble materials, old and new. The collection finely balances sophisticated forms like the amphora, with touches of humor as demonstrated in the Augustus Carafe.

Gardenias for BD Barcelona

Gardenias is Jaime Hayon’s second grand collection for BD and has thrived on the same virtues as the first. It has quality, personality, elegance, the right point of romanticism and lots of versatility, just right for the home as well as contract. The collection is divided for outdoor pieces, with the purpose of recuperating classic elegant furniture for the garden with contemporary style, and the indoor collection, that includes an armchair and a sofa with a sophisticated imagery, now presented with new finishes and upholstery. The Gardenias adds now a side table carrying his distinct hallmark. The Monkey side table is a useful sculpture. Made of solid architectural concrete for indoor and outdoor use.



Grid vases for Gaia & Gino

“The Grid vase, was inspired by a combination of city influences. Since moving to London I have been fascinated by British history and the strong medieval atmosphere when I walk through the streets. I became fascinated by tales of the knights templar, Henry VIII and the Tudors and the endlessly rich history surrounding me. I came up with vases, inspired by suits of armor, helmets and fencing masks.My trip to Turkey was also relevant. I had visited the city and the beauty I had seen in Islamic arts and crafts was very inspirational. Beautiful armor and the essence of these two cities are very much behind this set of vases.” -Jaime Hayon


Piper-Heidsieck requested an object that would both be utilitarian and elegant, able to capture their “Extravaganza” spirit, the word they use to describe the brand’s personality, a combination between sophistication and creativity. Jaime Hayon’s fantasy was the sort of input they wanted. The project, a mix of past and future, was the result of this collaboration. The Seau and Vasque, champagne containers, were released in late 2006.

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