The new Baile 2020 collection reinterprets some of the best-selling products signed by Jaime Hayon.

In a joyful masquerade ball, the products have fun dressing up with strong signs and bright tones: the gestures of the design and colour express the cheerful and imaginative imagery of the Spanish designer.

Happy Yeti vases for BD Barcelona

“Two years ago we presented a charming piece of ceramic which we named Happy Susto, which at the same time was a contradiction because it didn’t frighten. This new versión isn’t either but it has a new touch to it. I always found the Yeti story funny – that snow monster that wants to frighten those that go to the north pole. Converted into a vase, you can put plants in the head so that it looks like it has hair and scares a little more. The little decorations, not only have a decorative purpose, but also can have artistic value and an emotional one where a sense of humour fits in.” Jaime Hayon.

Happy Susto Vases for BD Barcelona

Little decorative items have been part of BD’s catalogue since Ettore Sottsass drafted the Shiva vase back in 1973. Little architectural pieces is what the master called them, which have naturally paralleled larger furniture items, but not less important due to their size. Among them is the humble water bottle designed by Josep M. Jujol, the imperfect vases by Xavier Mañosa, or the more iconic Showtime series by Jaime Hayon. An abundance of talent can be found in them, just the same as can be found in the pieces supporting them such as a cabinet. Their purpose is a decorative one, although for us, they carry an emotional and artistic value. They are timeless and with the passing of time we continue to add designs to a collection that continues to grow in importance within the range we have on offer. Several months ago we presented our chandelier REmix collection by Curro Claret, and now we inaugurate a ceramic collection which carries Jaime Hayon’s unmistakable character and humour. It’s called Happy Susto (fright in English) and is made in a couple of sizes, colours and finishes.

BD Showtime Collection 10th Anniversary

When we presented the Showtime Collection back in 2006, Jaime Hayon was a unique emerging, most intriguing young character in new Spanish design. Today, he’s a consecrated author with prestige on an international scale. His designs for BD have reaped continual success due to the personality, quality, elegance, yet amusing designs, having just the right touch of romanticism and the versatility to adapt to home as well as contract. All of this is Showtime, a collection that reflects classicism and modernity – a contrast that has always been the very essence of our company. For us this has been a complete ‘ten out of ten’ project and now reaches its 10th anniversary, celebrated with new colours, lacquers and upholstery for the poltronas; more glossy lacquers and luxurious marbles for the Multi Legged cabinet and low tables; special vase finishes with gold details; and two new mirrors, King and Kong which carry Hayon’s distinct hallmark.


Bisazza Hayon Tiles Collection

The verdant hills of Galicia, the citrus-fragranced boulevards of Valencia, the twinkling stars over the deep Mediterranean. The new collection of tiles takes its inspiration from the palette and dynamic movement of the Spanish landscape. A simple flip of the tiles, and entirely new vistas appear before your eyes. Elegant, vibrant, soothing, or whimsical: it’s now possible to create your own enchanting landscape.

ABALLS Lamps for Parachilna

“Jaime, we are looking for a lamp, straightforward but imbued with the spirit of PARACHILNA: rich materials, traditional skills blended with artisanal craftsmanship and impeccable finishes. Design- wise…you take care of it.”
So began the creation of ABALLS, a collection that combines the world class craftsmanship skills of Bosa with the traditional artistry of hand blown glass.

Ceramics and blown glass are linked by a polished brass ring. The dimmer’s control lever is also made of polished brass. The ABALLS collection includes a chandelier, hanging lamps available in three different sizes and table lamps available in two sizes.

The chandelier showcases a golden electroplated or white, black lacquered steel structure matching the colours of the ceramic bodies. 24 blown glass diffusers complete the fixture. The hanging and table lamps are made up of a blown glass diffuser and a white, black or golden ceramics base. The result is a set of strongly decorative objects that produce a warm ambient light and can be used in a domestic environment as well as in contract projects.

The Tournament

Launched at the London Design Festival 2009, The Tournament, an installation created by Hayon consists of a gigantic chess set, with 2m high ceramic chess pieces on a specially created Bisazza mosaic glass chess board. Each of the 32 chess pieces has been handcrafted by Hayon, working with Bosa, the Italian ceramics experts in Veneto, Italy. Each chess piece is unique, having been hand-painted by himself. The Tournament was inspired by London and its history and heritage. The Battle of Trafalgar was organised like a chess game of naval strategy. Many of the chess pieces reference specific iconic buildings in London and their domes, towers and spires. Elements of the city of London and its history have been encoded on the pieces using Hayon’s very personal style.

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