Silhouette for Nani Marquina

Silhouette is a collection of rugs designed by Jaime Hayon for indoor and outdoor use that highlights the acclaimed casual style of the artist.

Depicted with a delicate stroke, the illustration defines the silhouettes of several imaginary characters that intertwine and coexist in a beautiful composition. Hayón subtly introduces color through small elements brimming with personality that help to interpret each of the images. Nine faces are distributed at different angles so that the rug can be viewed from any perspective, fitting perfectly in any space.

The outdoor proposal is an outdoor hand-tufted rug, developed with 100% recycled PET fiber and produced in India. This combination provides great utility while transferring a sense of well-being that is needed for outdoor spaces.

Hayon x Nani rug for Nani Marquina

The perfect gift for a 30-year milestone, the Hayon x Nani is a dreamy, wild collection with a great sense of humour.

Created with the hand tufting technique, a manually operated pistol injects pieces of wool, intuitive and fluid lines are achieved, as well as an organic composition. The definitive and faithful reproduction of the original sketch by the designer.

A first glance reveals a chaotic tangle of colours and shapes that invade the rug. However, after looking carefully, the imagination of Jaime Hayón springs to life: turtles, lips, hands, stools, fish, half men – half birds…

“Who better than Jaime and his surreal world full of characters, to celebrate our 30th anniversary? Someone who defies conventions and evokes smiles, vitality, a joy for life… Momentous anniversaries don’t occur every day…” Nani Marquina.

The elements have been distributed in such a manner that the rug can be observed from different angles. The collection comprises two models and four sizes. The square model has been specially designed to hang on a wall as a tapestry.



BD Showtime Collection 10th Anniversary

When we presented the Showtime Collection back in 2006, Jaime Hayon was a unique emerging, most intriguing young character in new Spanish design. Today, he’s a consecrated author with prestige on an international scale. His designs for BD have reaped continual success due to the personality, quality, elegance, yet amusing designs, having just the right touch of romanticism and the versatility to adapt to home as well as contract. All of this is Showtime, a collection that reflects classicism and modernity – a contrast that has always been the very essence of our company. For us this has been a complete ‘ten out of ten’ project and now reaches its 10th anniversary, celebrated with new colours, lacquers and upholstery for the poltronas; more glossy lacquers and luxurious marbles for the Multi Legged cabinet and low tables; special vase finishes with gold details; and two new mirrors, King and Kong which carry Hayon’s distinct hallmark.


Jaime Hayon Collection for Eco Wallpaper

Hayon puts his design on wallpapers for the very first time and the result is a series of patterns that the user can play a part in creating. This is a wallpaper collection that offers a unique opportunity for people to decorate their home with ground breaking wallpaper design.  There are four different patterns characterised by the fundamentals in his drawings – basic components of dots, lines and circles.

– “I tried to make the graphic patterns as simple as possible and I focused on the difference wallpapers can make in a room, says Hayon. For example, how their texture and reflections function in different light conditions, and the impact that has.”

With angles, curves, volumes and lines, he has created patterns with character and discretion that are easily combined with existing interior design details for a harmonious yet exciting result.

Afghan Folklore for Nodus

The design for Nodus in collaboration with artisans of Afghanistan,  explores the folklore of the culture through the medium of tapestry. Inspired by the vibrant life of Afghan culture, I incorporated certain elements such as beautiful dresses with traditional patterns and a symphony of instruments into the design, and paired them together with my own whimsical style. The Afghanartisans use a very special technique of tapestry which brings the design to life with sharp detail down to the last thread. In my previous collaboration with Nodus, I sought to bring Japanese folklore together with the heritage of Nodus, which has long stood for quality and the bridging of East and West. With this new collaboration, I hope to bring happiness to living spaces with the joyful imagery of Afghan folklore and the craftsmanship of the country’s artisans. Jaime Hayon.

Bisazza Hayon Tiles Collection

The verdant hills of Galicia, the citrus-fragranced boulevards of Valencia, the twinkling stars over the deep Mediterranean. The new collection of tiles takes its inspiration from the palette and dynamic movement of the Spanish landscape. A simple flip of the tiles, and entirely new vistas appear before your eyes. Elegant, vibrant, soothing, or whimsical: it’s now possible to create your own enchanting landscape.

Japanese Folklore for Nodus

Inspired by the Japanese Folklore, Jaime Hayon created an exclusive design for Nodus Rug, a craft workshop with a cultural plan: the oldest traditions and knowledge in the art of carpet design are reinterpreted using the vision of the most innovating Designers and Architects, producing only unique pieces, promoting through events and publications in order to spread the knowledge to all about the new shapes and forms of a piece that has accompanied man since antiquity.

Serious Fun For Bernhardt Design

The ongoing artistic and creative collaboration between Jaime Hayon and Nienke Klunder has been the fuel behind many of Hayon’s most celebrated projects. Serious Fun is the first design collection co-created by them as equal partners. This textile collection for Berhardt Design aims to bring a fresh and exciting input to the fabric world. We started to create funny fresh patterns, and using colour combinations which were just a bit more daring. Colour was the key, Basta with the browns, greys, green greys, blue greys and beiges! Serious Fun is a balanced presentation of fabric designs that we would want to enjoy: good for the heart and appropriate for the mind. Collections: Bubbles, ZigZag, Romboid and Scribble

Rug Company

The Rug Company has teamed up with Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon to create a collection dedicated to original design, superior craftsmanship and exemplary quality. Hayon’s creative energy and singular vision is captured in three new rugs, Captione, Silhouette and Vases, each one reflects his offbeat imagination and irreverence for conventional design. The intricate collection honours The Rug Company and Hayon’s combined respect of both artisan traditions and modern design; it reflects the wit and lyrical charm of the designer himself, and his ability to blur the lines between art, decoration and design.

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