Setago Lamp for &Tradition

Like many of Jaime Hayon’s pieces, the Setago comes with a story. ‘Seta’ – the Spanish word for mushroom – sets the tone for the diminutive, mushroom like proportions of this quirky table lamp. But a further clue to its identity is signified by the suffix ‘go’ because this lamp unburdened by an electrical cord can literally go anywhere. Rather than remain stationary, it was made to be moved around with ease, plucked like foliage from the floor and carried from one room to the next. To recharge, it simply needs to be attached to a USB cable.

“I wanted to create a lamp that prioritised versatility,” says Hayon of his vision.“The Setago’s cord-free feature means it is extremely adaptable, equally suitable indoors as well as outside.”

This careful consideration to detail has been applied to other facets of the Setago. Drawing inspiration from the artistry of a Japanese lantern, Hayon melds superior craftsmanship with the decidedly modern capabilities of his cord-free design. Despite such integration of technology, the workings remain hidden inside to keep the lamp’s form clean and uncluttered. The light it produces is equally considered, the mood is manipulated by a discreet brass dimmer that controls the diffused, ambient light.

Available in a range of modern colours, the Setago adds an understated touch to any environment. Look closer at the lamp shade and you’ll notice it ends in a small upward curve. It’s another small yet stylish accent  much like the Setago itself.

Design year 2019

Lightolight & Lightoread for Parachilna


Confused by the naming? You are not alone… Lightolight is a colorful family of wall and floor lamps with a cup facing up and rotating dome, creating indirect light.



This is a skinny yet characteristic family of floor and table fixtures. Composed of a metal structure with a rotating cup. You can choose between metal or marble base.

Passepartout lamps for &Tradition

Just like the name implies, the Passepartout Lamps by Spanish artist – designer, Jaime Hayon, act almost like a frame that enhances the visual appeal of whatever they are illuminating. For every type of architectural setting, these lamps are sensational ambient devices which can be used to enhance unique form.

How do you add a lamp to illuminate a space – without the lamp being too anonymous or too imposing? It is a question Hayon has often asked himself. “The answer came from the picture frame. The picture is the focus and the frame is there to guide your eyes to it. Of course, with a lamp you have light, without it you have darkness. So the lamp is actually the unsung hero that brings any setting to life.”

Place the Passepartout Lamps on the wall or ceiling, in the living room or corridor and they will never look out of place. Choose from three differ-white. With the Passepartout lamps, you can even cluster the various colours and shapes together to create a unique aesthetic effect.

As for the illumination factor, it is nothing less than fantastic. The Passepartout Lamps use built-in LED technology that ensures an energy-designed to provide illumination that is soft and soothing, emitting a light that’s dispersed uniformly throughout the space. According to &tradition’s Brand Director Martin Kornbek Hansen, “With the Passepartout Lamps, we have combined decorative and technical lighting private and architectural buildings. Available in a variety of shapes and colours that add a decorative accent – with a touch of personality.”

Formakami Lamps for &Tradition

“East meets West in Jaime Hayon’s playful tweak of a traditional Asian lantern in a contemporary expression,” says Martin Kornbek Hansen, &tradition’s Brand Director. “Hayon has captured the essence of this iconic lantern, merging hand craftsmanship and ancient materials like rice paper, in a new lamp designed for a modern milieu. The effect is a pendant lamp that both gives light – and appears light.”

Paper lanterns have been around for centuries, in different sizes, shapes and colours, which signify different things depending on the culture. Often used for celebration or simply decoration to reflect hope and prosperity. With Hayon’s Paper Lanterns, various sizes and shapes appear together, reflecting his penchant for playfulness. Breaking away from any cultural restraints to re-invent something old but new.

“Light has the ability to dispel darkness and bring hope,” says Hayon. “With the Paper Lanterns, I kept the colour white to make the appearance of the lamps themselves light. I also wanted to have even more light exude from them. More illumination. So I cut the bottom shape in half, leaving it open. With a secret desire to illuminate people’s lives – literally and symbolically.”

“For me, the beauty of these lanterns lies in their delicacy,” adds Hansen. “To see the airy, bulbous shapes in white rice paper accentuated with black stained oak is pure poetry. It’s very Asian, and at the same time, somewhat Scandinavian. In our global world, we are seeing more and more hybrids. Fusing aspects of different cultures into a new design lingo. At &tradition, this is something we continuously seek – and find with a designer as international and open-minded as Hayon.”

Chinoz Lamps for Parachilna

In Jaime’s hands, the classical urn shape that we have known forever is updated without losing an ounce of it’s former elegance.
Chinoz is a table lamp featuring a ceramic body crafted by Bosa that comes in green, red and black finishing. The dimmer runs along a vertical groove in the ceramics body. The base of the lamp is the outcome of Pere’s work, as he patiently turns the wood on a lathe in his workshop in Menorca. Later, this wood is carefully lacquered, a practice that requires patience, a slow deliberate approach. Sand, (following the wood grains), seal, polish, paint, polish, varnish. Available in black, burgundy or ocher lacquered wood and can be combined with any of the ceramic finishes. The elegant glass shade perfectly complements any choice of body and base.

ABALLS Lamps for Parachilna

“Jaime, we are looking for a lamp, straightforward but imbued with the spirit of PARACHILNA: rich materials, traditional skills blended with artisanal craftsmanship and impeccable finishes. Design- wise…you take care of it.”
So began the creation of ABALLS, a collection that combines the world class craftsmanship skills of Bosa with the traditional artistry of hand blown glass.

Ceramics and blown glass are linked by a polished brass ring. The dimmer’s control lever is also made of polished brass. The ABALLS collection includes a chandelier, hanging lamps available in three different sizes and table lamps available in two sizes.

The chandelier showcases a golden electroplated or white, black lacquered steel structure matching the colours of the ceramic bodies. 24 blown glass diffusers complete the fixture. The hanging and table lamps are made up of a blown glass diffuser and a white, black or golden ceramics base. The result is a set of strongly decorative objects that produce a warm ambient light and can be used in a domestic environment as well as in contract projects.

Josephine For Metalarte

Sensual yet elegant, the Josephine just feels right. With a ceramic body wrapped by a mysterious shade, she reveals herself as both intriguing and essential. The Josephine family comes in table top versions, appliques and various chandelier arrangements. Finishes in white, black, gold and platinum are available.

Swarovski Sparkle Shady

This new form of chandelier is a series of lampshades and not a structure allowing many possible variations and changes. One can combine several types and sizes to accumulate a desired effect. There is a second range of options regarding the skin for each of these shades. These skins are also variable and their color can be chosen and eventually changed. This allows much choice both for initial color combinations as well as eventual desires to modify color choices after time. One is never limited to a single chandelier but has the option to make different chandeliers that are capable of being transformed throughout time. The flexibility and functionality of this variable piece is one of its greatest assets. Another should be the material itself. The natural beauty of the Swarovski crystals will allow an amazing game of light, even when it is not lit.

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