Mezcla table for &Tradition

A table is where different people come together for different reasons. To meet and discuss a topic. To agree, disagree or just laugh and enjoy each other’s company. It’s this idea of mixing people, ideas and elements that lies at the core of Mezcla, a table concept by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon, characterised by a mix of exclusive materials.

The Spanish word for “mixture” is Mezcla,” explains Hayon. “For me it captures the essence of different people coming together and diverse design elements together – in a series of tables where the materials, shapes and colours could meet and greet, so to speak.”

Catch Lounge for &Tradition

In response to the successful launch of &tradition’s catch chair by acclaimed designer Jaime Hayon, followed by our swivel based version, we are pleased to introduce this newest member of the series:

The Catch Lounge Chair.

With its outstretched arms like a friend ready to greet you with a warm, welcoming hug, the Catch Lounge Chair builds on Hayon’s penchant for humour and personification. At the same time, it introduces a higher back and elongated seat in a singular shell supported by a metal armature. The result is a leisure chair that’s angled back just a bit – so you can sit down, relax and, as the name implies – lounge.

“The more we work with Hayon, the more we appreciate his ability to bring humanity and warmth to all his concepts,” says &tradition Brand Director Martin Kornbek Hansen. “Historically, classic lounge chairs had a somewhat aloof aspect to them. However Hayon has managed to make the Catch Lounge Chair more personal and inclusive, setting the scene for a more intimate atmosphere and conversation. Which coincides with our Danish idea of cosy. Something we call hyggeligt.“

As Hayon sees it, “A lounge chair should be inviting to look at. In a way, it should be almost irresistible. Meaning you can’t help but sit back, get comfortable and have a chat. That’s what I wanted to achieve. With the added element of the two arms, like a friend, happy to welcome you.”

Lune Sofa for Fritz Hansen

Lune is the very essence of a warm and cosy setting, with a dash of exclusivity and urbanity to it. Lune combines the renowned Republic of Fritz Hansen quality with a functional modular system. The result is a playful design where
designer Jaime Hayon’s curvy characteristics are elevated to an extremely comfortable and beautifully looking sofa, from every angle – for a party of two as well as for ten

Arcolor & Leafo for Arflex


To develop the new Arcolor sofa for Arflex, Jaime Hayon wanted to create a modular system designed around the classical geometry of the arch. While many modular systems today can be quite square in appearance – in order to enhance their modularity in different configurations -, Hayon employed the disciplined use of the arch to create something more organic. The consistency of this approach is even applied to the legs, with arches touching the ground. A strong coherence and rhythmic repetition of the form recalls the iconic Roman aqueduct, adapting well across various contexts, whether public or private, lobbies or living rooms. The sofa’s wooden base is lacquered in the colours of Arflex collection, frame in metal, upholstery in shaped polyurethane with differentiated density.


The consistency of form is transferred to the Arcolor small tables. This range can find a home around the living room, as well as being perched on the armrest of the sofa. This small detail can be useful for placing a cocktail or a coffee at the end of a long day. Rich materiality brings the small tables to life, with noble marble and striking lacquer colors creating a balanced atmosphere. Frame and top in MDF, lacquered in the colors of arflex collection.


With the Leafo lounger, Hayon set out to make something that uniquely brings softness and lightness together. A simple chair that can be placed in spaces both small and large. The special form is inspired by a leaf falling from a tree and becomes a symbol of comfort. It invites you to take a rest and relax. The well-formed ergonomics support the back, providing a seating position between a chair and a lounger. In keeping with the tradition of arflex’s Italian craftsmanship, the Leafo lounger includes details like a special stitching, to create a new icon of lightness and softness. Available in different versions, without, with one or with two armrests. The frame is realised in moulded polyurethane foam and is placed on wooden legs, available in different finishing.

Showtime Nude Chair for BD Barcelona

In 2006 we presented the Showtime Collection by Jaime Hayon and a year later, a chair carrying the same name characterised by its wide range of combinations and finishes. For the designer born in Madrid, this was his first chair to be produced and commercialised by a company all over the world. At that time Hayon was an emerging designer and today is internationally renowned. If success can be measured by the longevity of designs, then we can say that this chair has already reached 10 years of its commercial life. We believe that now is the time to launch a new version which does not make the original design obsolete, but rather compliments it. The chair’s name is Showtime nude with wooden legs, and is presented with a nearly nude appearance. The shapes are slightly different but visibly more organic, developed and matured, much the same as the designer’s works during the years. The new chair is presented in different finishings – natural or stained wood and a simple cushion as its sole accessory.

Aleta chair for Viccarbe

Inspired by the physiognomy and movement of sharks, Jaime Hayon has created the ALETA collection for Viccarbe. ALETA in Spanish means “fin”.

The collection is designed and created for use in public spaces like restaurants, hotels or offices as well as residential spaces. Composed of a chair and stool. The subtle details in the structure of the legs and the continuous movement towards its backrest, reflects the personality and character of Jaime Hayon.

Wittmann Hayon Workshop

With the Wittmann Hayon Workshop, a new style has been born: eclectic, exciting, Mediterranean-baroque and yet timeless. It was created by the playful collaboration between the hyper-creative Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon, and the Austrian manufacturer Wittmann. It embodies vitality and confidence, just as their role models from the grand era of Viennese Modernism.


Vuelta Sofa Rotation, turning, return – these are the meanings of the Spanish word Vuelta. The backrest rotates playfully around the corner, becomes the armrest, continues on to the sitter – or recliner–in order to enclose them, as in an embrace. The special shape is divided by expertly crafted seam patterns, as a reminiscence of Josef Hoffmann.


Vuelta Lounge Chair radiates through its unusual proportions, a special charm as a solitary character or the perfect counterpart for the Vuelta Sofa. The large Lounge Chair (width 80, depth 82, height 75) with its articulating seam patterns are reminiscent of Viennese Modernism, whereas the compact small armchair (width 72, depth 67, height 75), however, looks like a small, enchanting monolithic sculpture.


VueltaHigh Back Chair The wing chair is a tribute with a wink to the history of Austrian design. A gentle, soft flowing upholstery is framed by curved bentwood: a masterpiece of subtle design and relaxed seating: the highly-comfortable upholstery with pocket springs and the small stools provide hours of comfortable sitting. Bentwood black beech with cushion in black oak, or walnut bentwood with cushion in walnut.

DD Table These tables bring refinement to any furnishings with their playful use of precious materials and the subtle break in the lines. Two table tops, the bottom covered with leather, the top available in leather or marble, are connected with aluminium rods. They are offset, thereby generating a tension that is reminiscent of some of the designs of Josef Hoffmann.


Grain Cut Side Table It is a sculpture, or a table – elaborately turned from a solid block of wood. As a side table, the Grain Cut Side Table can be placed wherever it is needed due to its flexible handles. It is a shelf for your favourite book or a glass of wine or a cup of tea. As a sculpture in the room it attracts attention and sparks discussions about art and design. 


Leather Side Table They look like mythical creatures in the room, standing confidently on three legs -or- one, next to the sofa and armchairs. They are also masterpieces of leather craftsmanship, with a soft leather covered body and noble marble cover plates. 

Palette Tables for &Tradition

Recalling inspiration from Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures, Spanish artist / designer Jaime Hayon creates a harmonious composite of disparate sizes, shapes, colours and materials which elegantly come together in a cohesive design.

“I’ve been fascinated by Alexander Calder for ages,” admits Hayon. “He was the originator of the mobile. While everyone was drawing on paper, Calder transformed abstract drawings into 3D linear sculptures. With the Hayon Lounge Tables, you get a similar sense of equilibrium from any angle. A feeling of motion in a static object, merging the elegance of marble with the strength of metal and the lightness of wood.”

Each table beautifully balances different shapes at varying heights which form a unified whole. Featuring a painter’s palette shape, a circle, a rounded rectangle, an elongated oval and a hexagon. Hayon expertly orchestrates each collage of sizes and shapes.

Adding even more appeal is a compelling mix of materials. Including marble, such as polished Nero Marquina, Rosso Levanto and honed Bianco Carrara. Ash veneer makes its way in stained dark grey, blue or pale pink. Meanwhile steel as the armature keeping these diverse shapes affixed – almost in suspended animation.

As &tradition’s Brand Director Martin Kornbek Hansen sees it, “I love Hayon’s uncanny ability to mix and mismatch every design parameter into one holistic table that would welcome any coffee cup or cosy conversation. Achieved with Hayon’s typical, playful approach to practicality – with plenty of personality.

BD Showtime Collection 10th Anniversary

When we presented the Showtime Collection back in 2006, Jaime Hayon was a unique emerging, most intriguing young character in new Spanish design. Today, he’s a consecrated author with prestige on an international scale. His designs for BD have reaped continual success due to the personality, quality, elegance, yet amusing designs, having just the right touch of romanticism and the versatility to adapt to home as well as contract. All of this is Showtime, a collection that reflects classicism and modernity – a contrast that has always been the very essence of our company. For us this has been a complete ‘ten out of ten’ project and now reaches its 10th anniversary, celebrated with new colours, lacquers and upholstery for the poltronas; more glossy lacquers and luxurious marbles for the Multi Legged cabinet and low tables; special vase finishes with gold details; and two new mirrors, King and Kong which carry Hayon’s distinct hallmark.


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